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AIG - We serve South Africa with insurance products

AIG is one of the largest insurance organisations worldwide. We serve over 70 million clients in 130 countries. These countries include Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

We offer a large variety of insurance products including property-casualty and general insurance. We cater to the needs of individuals, families and businesses of various sizes.

We are a licensed provider

At AIG in South Africa, we are a proud licenced provider offering car insurance, family protection, hospital plans, travel insurance and motor accident plans.

We have simplified the process for you, we offer a range of benefits we are proud of our transparency. We have the high financial stability to back up the plans and policies which we issue to our South African customers.

We have based our services on professionalism and expertise and can assist with your loss of support claims in addition to a range of other legal services. Our dedicated experts ensure efficiency and short processing times while offering full support to customers.

We achieve the best outcomes for our clients

At AIG, we have a claims team and a team of experts in all fields, law and medicine. This enables us to make the personal injury or loss of support claim process shorter and to achieve the most successful outcome for our clients every time.

You can expect full understanding, support and transparency. We will take you through the whole process and answer all of your questions to give you confidence, peace of mind, and to make sure you understand all the processes involved in your claim.

We work fast to get results

We know that when people reach out to us, they are in a difficult situation. We understand that many personal injury claims are time sensitive and therefore we won't waste time, we will get started on building a strong case for your claim immediately.

We will process all relevant information and documents to ensure that you will get the compensation you deserve.

We will try to make the process as streamlined as possible for you. We will use all of our expertise to ensure that you get the highest amount of compensation.

AIG – Loss of Support Claim

  • Claim Type Loss of Support Claims

Benefits of AIG

  • ACCIDENT & Health Claims
  • PERSONAL Lines Claims
  • COMMERCIAL Lines Claims
  • EXPRESS Claims
  • TRAVEL Claims
  • FAMILY Protection Plan
  • CANCER Care Plan

AIG - Our service comes with a range of benefits

At AIG, you and your family can benefit from our Family Protection Plan, which provides a death, disability or accident cover.

This cover replaces the lost income that you once provided, ensuring that you are still able to provide financially, without worrying about accumulating debts and not being able to pay for general home living. We pay out an amount of up to R1 million, in four stages.

One initial payment is paid to you as soon as possible and the balance of the payments is paid out in the month of January of the three remaining years. The amount is substantial to cover the basic necessary areas in your life, such as education, groceries, bond cover, and other monthly debts you may have.

How much cover do you need?

We give you the choice of how much cover you need, with variations between R200, 000 to R1 million. Simply contact us to find out how to get your cover, and let us take you through the claim application process.

For as little as a starting amount of R76.50 a month, you can easily afford the cover that protects your family from any situation that may take away your ability to earn a regular income. What makes this cover even more appealing, is that the cash payouts are tax-free.

There are no invasive medical tests to get approved and we cover a number of loss of support claims for a variety of reasons. AIG has you covered, with a simple application and approval process as well as a simple claiming option, that alleviates the stress you may encounter at this time in your life.

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