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C.P. van Zyl Attorneys is a law firm based in Brooklyn, Pretoria. The firm has a collective 40 years of experience, specialised in personal injury and road accident claims and compensation for related damages.

C.P. van Zyl (B. Com LLB, Pretoria University) believes in running a business with an ethos of honesty and integrity. His passion to help those who cannot afford quality attorneys and do not know the law led him to found the firm.

Effective, friendly and professional

Today, 99 % of the firm’s clients are receiving a high quality of legal and medical expertise that would normally be out of their reach. The firm employs a ‘no win, ‘no pay’approach, whereby the firm aims to cover all financial costs of the motor vehicle accident claim.

C.P. van Zyl Attorneys employs staff that have been selected for their empathy towards clients as well as their qualifications. The firm is known for its efficient, friendly and professional services, aiming to form long-lived relationships with its clients. The tenet of C.P. van Zyl Attorneys is to empower those who feel helpless and to provide them with legal and emotional support.

High quality legal help

C.P. van Zyl Attorneys aims to guide its clients through the legalities of making a claim, providing them with high quality legal and medical expertise along with efficient, professional and friendly service.

Is your claim valid

Road accident fund claims are those that arise from injuries and damages associated with motor accidents.

Road accident and personal injury claims are also known as third-party claims. The purpose of the Road Accident Fund is to cover all road users, locals as well as visitors to South Africa.

According to the Road Accident Fund Act, both drivers and passengers and pedestrians are covered when the use any road in South Africa. In order to claim from the Road Accident Fund, you must prove that the driver of the other vehicle was negligent and caused your injuries.

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The first step is to write the claim upon a statutory claim form. The purpose of the form is to provide a record of the date, time and location where the accident took place, the personal details of the claimant and other parties involved (including witnesses) in the accident, and details of the vehicles that were involved.

The road accident fund claim form will also contain an affidavit containing a description of how the accident happened, witness statements and the personal details of anyone involved in the accident. Police reports, a medical report by the treating medical practitioner and medical records needs to accompany your claim form.

Determining the claim amount

After submitting the statutory claim form, your claim will be registered with the Road Accident Fund (RAF), they will begin to examine your case.

The RAF will decide whether your claim is valid and what its merits are; who’s fault the accident was, and the degree of negligence of the different parties involved in the accident. The RAF will also determine the compensation amount of damages suffered.

In order to prove a personal injury claim, you will need to show that the driver of the other vehicle was in some way negligent, signifying that the accident could otherwise have been avoided. The claim process is complicated, which is why it is important to consult an expert, contact us at C.P. van Zyl Attorneys.

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