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DSC Attorneys - A dedicated legal partner

When three large legal firms specialising in personal injury law and operating in Cape Town merged in 2004, De Vries Shields Chiat Incorporated. The teams of the three firms got well integrated right from the start.

The combination of experts and resources enabled the new firm, popularly known as DSC Attorneys, to work on larger and more complex assault claims with greater time efficiency.

We use an innovative approach

Today, after more than ten years in the industry, we have an excellent reputation as a reliable and dedicated legal partner with the abilities and skills to handle all kinds of personal injury claims with great success.

We combine innovative approaches with honoured traditions to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients who make a claim through us.

We stay up to date with all of the latest changes in legislature and developments in the field of law. We provide our professional legal services on "no win - no fee" basis to give each client access to justice.

We will build a strong case for you

If you or a member of your family got injured as a result of the use of unreasonable force by the police, you may be able to institute a personal injury claim. A claim can also be instituted in the case of an unlawful arrest.

In such cases, DSC Attorneys can provide full legal assistance to you. We will work with you from start to finish to compile and prosecute the assault claim.

You can get compensated for medical bills, loss of earnings and support for pain and suffering.

Professional skills

There is a set procedure for the institution of assault claims and set legal deadlines as well. That is why time is of paramount importance.

The sooner you come to us, the higher your chances of obtaining head or brain injury compensation will be.

We will use our expertise in the field and our professional skills to achieve the best possible outcome. We work on "no win, no pay" basis.

DSC Attorneys – Assault Claim

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Benefits of DSC Attorneys

  • SLIP & Trip
  • ROAD Accident
  • AVIATION Accidents
  • DOG Bites
  • LIFT
  • GATE & Door Malfunction
  • METRORAIL / Train Accident Claims
  • POLICE Assaults
  • PRODUCT Liability
  • WRONGFUL Arrest

DSC Attorneys - We help clients with assault cases

De Vries Shields Chiat Incorporated (DSC) have years of experience in helping clients with assault claims and personal injury cases. The overwhelming increase in assault cases in South Africa today is becoming a concern.

We have had a number of clients come to us with incidents that involve police brutality, unlawful arrest, rape, and other violent acts which have been inflicted on them. These innocent victims are emotionally traumatised and often too scared to speak out. This is where we have a connection with our clients.

Legal support and advice

We are there to provide the support and legal assistance for those who need an experienced and proactive team of attorneys to fight on their behalf. We know the system, we know the corners the plaintiffs hide behind, we know how to protect you.

Clients need to contact us as soon as possible after the incident, to keep the story fresh in their mind so that we can start building a case from early after the assault. Clients should provide all police records/reports, medical and doctor notes and reports and photographs. These can work in your favour when we put your case together.

If you know you were an innocent victim in such an act of violence or emotional distress, let us help you to get justice for your injuries by making an assault or criminal injury claim. There are a number of outcomes from a case like this. The culprit can get jail time for his/her actions. The person responsible for the assault can face charges, and you can get a financial compensation for your pain, suffering, emotional trauma and medical bills.

You can contact us at 086 146 5879 or simply browse through our website online to see if you have a claim. Don’t let this incident keep you from living a normal life, let us help you, today.

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