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Ronald Bobroff & Partners Inc. - reliable legal services

Ronald Bobroff & Partners Inc. has been a leading firm in third party claims and accidental injury medico-legal services since 1974.

It is one of the largest firms in South Africa specialised in product liability law. The firm is conveniently located in Rosebank, central Johannesburg.

A diverse team of experts

The firm’s founder, Ronald Bobroff, was President of the Law Society, is the current President of SAAPIL, and has served as chairman on numerous local and provincial law councils. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School.

The Practice incorporates a significant number of the most innovative, creative and productive lawyers currently to be found in South Africa. The Practice is complimented by a large and diverse team of medical and other specialists who assist in the formulation, assessment and quantification of boating and aviation accident claims.

Manufacturers and sellers of different products are legally obligated to ensure that their products will serve and are safe for their intended use.

We are dedicated to helping you

If you have been the victim of an aviation, boating or rail-related accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to claim for compensation from the responsible party.

Get the compensation you deserve

The first step is to contact Ronald Bobroff for a first conference, during this meeting we will determine the merits of your boating, aviation or train accident claim and identify the defendant or responsible party.

Proving negligence against the defendant requires the aid of a law firm that has the necessary expertise, financial resources and support staff (medical, litigation and technological), to collate the required documents and medical reports on your behalf.

Ronald Bobroff & Partners is on your side and will bear most of the burden of claiming to help you receive the personal injury compensation you deserve without crippling you financially.

Ronald Bobroff & Partners – Aviation, Boating, & Train Accident Claim

  • Claim Type Aviation, Boating, & Train Accident Claims

Benefits of Ronald Bobroff & Partners

  • AVIATION, Boating, Train Accident Claims

Ronald Bobroff & Partners Inc. - We will defend you

The first step of claiming is to consult one of the skilled attorneys at Ronald Bobroff & Partners, where we will examine your case and determine if you are indeed eligible to claim for accidental injuries.

During the first consultation, we will determine how best to prove your case and what will be required of you and any other parties involved (witnesses or other victims) in the accident.

Our panel of medical and technological experts will report on the extent of injuries suffered, material damages and identifying the negligent party and the degree of negligence that they were responsible for.

It is important to note that is the defendant does not have insurance, or assets to compensate you with, there is little point in pursuing the boating or train injury claim.

Damages claimable are:

  • Past hospital / medical expenses
  • Future hospital / medical expenses
  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • General damages for pain & suffering

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