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Mohapi J Sepeesa Attorneys - Quality legal services

Mohapi J Sepeesa (MJS) Attorneys is an up-and-coming, Carleton based law firm in Johannesburg.

The firm yearns for opportunity and success, acting as a subsidiary of other larger firms and companies.

Affordable legal services

If you have a motor vehicle accident or Road Accident Fund claim and would like information on how to go about it, MJS Attorneys can be contacted on +27 766 161468.

The firm is committed to providing high-class services at affordable rates, for any persons in need.

We will validate your claim

In the case that you want to claim against an individual or the Road Accident Fund you first need to conclude that your motor vehicle accident claim has merit.

MJS Attorneys will assist you in collecting all the documents required to assess and then lodge your claim. In order to be successful, it must be proven that the driver of the other vehicle was in some way negligent.

Understanding your claim

Note that the RAF will only compensate for losses relating to permanent bodily injury. It does not cover the loss of material possessions such as your car, which you must either claim directly from insurance (if you have it) or the negligent driver. Navigating the legalities of claiming for damages can be confusing and traumatic, MJS Attorneys aims to guide its clients through the channels of claiming.

Mohapi J Sepeesa Attorneys – Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

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  • BICYCLE Accident
  • BIRTH Injury
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  • BUS Accidents
  • CAR Accident
  • CHILD Custody And Visitation
  • CHILD Support
  • MOTOR Vehicle Accidents
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  • SLIP And Fall
  • WRONGFUL Death

Mohapi J Sepeesa Attorneys - Contact us today

You are eligible to claim for motor vehicle accident compensation if you or someone on whom you depend financially, have been grievously injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Motor vehicle insurance may be used to cover some of the material damages to your vehicle if you have it. In the case that you do not have insurance then you are responsible for claiming directly from the negligent party that caused the accident.

Legal experts that will listen to your case

Compensation for medical expenses and/or financial losses must also be claimed directly from the person at fault. In order to claim successfully against the responsible party, they must possess either some form of insurance or enough money or assets to pay your personal injury compensation. MJS Attorneys has legal experts that will listen to your case and manage the litigation and settlement of your action.

Updating you at each stage in the process, your lawyer will determine what documents will be needed to support your third party claim and estimate compensation, advising you on your options and giving you the emotional support you need during this difficult time.

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