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Pierre Kitching Attorneys - Tailor made legal solutions

Pierre Kitching Attorneys has been operating since 2004 and has a family history of practising law since 1947.

The Port Elizabeth based firm strives to provide its clients with the best service, focusing on tailoring solutions to the individual needs of clients.

Experts in MVA claims

Pierre Kitching boasts a broad range of legal specialisations, such as motor vehicle accident claims, which is fundamental to providing clients with expedient services.

Managing Director, Pierre Kitching a 100 % success rate in claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and is an expert in motor vehicle accident claims, with 13 years of experience.

We will fight for your rights

With up to 500 000 injured on South Africa’s road each year, and 10 000 deaths resulting from negligence on the road, motor vehicle accidents can happen to anyone on the road.

But Pierre is on your side, committed to helping you claim successfully from responsible parties, be they individuals, companies or the Road Accident Fund.

We will help you claim

Pierre Kitching Attorneys take on the complicated and arduous process of claiming from the guilty or negligent party, starting at the very beginning with managing lodging your motor vehicle accident claim.

This leaves you and your family the time you need to recover from the incident and to start moving on with your life.

Pierre Kitching Attorneys – Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

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Benefits of Pierre Kitching Attorneys

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Pierre Kitching Attorneys - We will help you claim

Before you claim, you have to decide what you want to claim for, who you need to claim from and whether you can prove it.

To facilitate this process you may want to consult an attorney specialised in motor vehicle accident claims at Pierre Kitching Attorneys.

Your lawyer will evaluate the merits of your case and collate the relevant documents and testimonies into a claim that will be processed successfully and achieve an appropriate compensation from the party at fault.

Claiming from RAF

If you want to make a claim for material damages, such as damage to your car, you will have to claim from your insurance, and/or directly from the defendant.

If you don’t have motor insurance then you will have to claim directly from the defendant. If you wish to claim from the RAF, you will need to complete a statutory personal injury claim form, along with the relevant documents.

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