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Michael de Broglio Attorneys - Quality legal services

Receiving professional legal advice and assistance is of paramount importance for the victims of accidents and their families. At Michael de Broglio Attorneys, we provide legal services of the highest quality to people who are in such situations and wish to make a personal injury claim.

We have a dedicated team of legal experts with narrow specialisation in the field of personal injury law. We have experience in handling various types of cases including road accident claims and medical malpractice claims.

We work with specialists in fields related to the cases of our clients to build the best strategy for winning each and every time.

Effective legal representation

We draw on the traditions of our firm and on the latest trends in the practice of law.

Our services are based on personal attention to each and every client. We build long-term relationships with the people who come to us.

The personal injury specialists

Personal injury is a broad term. It is defined as any type of injury done to a person by another party and includes things such as dog bite claims and traumatic brain injury claims.

The injury could be physical, emotional, discriminatory or even monetary. If you have suffered personal injury, we, at Michael de Broglio Attorneys can provide the professional legal representation which you require.

We specialise in various types of personal injury claims

We are able to assist victims of road accidents, medical malpractice and negligence, dog bites and slip and fall accidents among others. We will seek monetary compensation for your suffering with the use of all possible legal means.

Accident victims have the right to receive personal injury compensation for medical bills, lost income and other types of damages including physical and emotional consequences of the injury. We work on "no win, no fee" basis. This means that if we do not reach the set target goal, we will not charge fees.

Michael de Broglio Attorneys – Personal Injury Claim

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Benefits of Michael de Broglio Attorneys

  • MOTOR Accidents
  • ROAD Accident Fund
  • DOG Bite Claims
  • MEDICAL Negligence
  • PERSONAL Injury Claims

Michael de Broglio Attorneys - A long track record of success

Michael de Broglio Attorneys have been helping customers in South Africa with personal injury claims and legal incidents for many years.

With our energetic group of lawyers who are experienced and qualified, on board our team, we know we can help you with any legal necessities you may have.

Claiming for personal injury

Any clients in South Africa who has endured a personal injury, that has changed their life, be it emotionally or through a serious injury, have the choice to take their case further, on a legal level, and claim for compensation to cover the financial and emotional aspect of their situation.

These injuries are in most cases, committed on an innocent victim, through either intentional force or accidental scenarios. Often these incidents can be controlled, but aren’t. This is what we establish in our cases, and put them forward in court, to prove that our client was innocent in the fact. Some cases may require more time and work than others.

For instance, a malpractice or medical lawsuit may require a lot more evidence as the case would be challenged against the medical board. However, a dog bite claim would be between the owner of the dog and the victim. Each case has its own story and we are there to make your story stand out. We work with a no win no fee basis.

We are confident in our service delivery and our ability to provide a winning case for our clients. Because we have a passion for the people we are fighting for, we also care about your financial well-being and your emotional distress. With our top attorney teams by your side, you are in safe and capable hands. We build our service on relationships.

Our clients trust us, and we fight for them. If you have been involved in any kind of personal injury, and aren’t quite sure where to go next, just give us a call. We will guide you through the process of making a claim from beginning to end, as well as advise you on whether you have a case to work with or not. The more documentation, medical reports, doctor notes and photographs you can provide, the better for your case.

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