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Mokoduo Attorneys - We have excellent reputation

Mokoduo Attorneys is among the most successful law firms in Johannesburg.

We have an excellent reputation locally and throughout the whole of South Africa. We take great pride in our innovative approach, high profile work, diverse experience and excellent rate of success.

Our law firm is highly dynamic

Our team consists of hard-working and determined professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. We seek effective personal injury claim solutions which match the needs and requirements of our clients in the best possible way. We meet and exceed the highest professional standards for work quality. We deliver services based on vast legal knowledge, exceptional skills and full integrity.

Our unique culture focused on achieving results and providing personal attention makes us stand out above competitors. We are passionate about the law and use all of our resources fully to ensure that our clients receive justice. We build strong long-term partnerships with the people who come to us for legal advice and assistance with their public liability claims.

Complete legal assistance

We believe that South Africans who have suffered bodily injury or property damage due to an accident should receive justice and obtain public liability compensation.

That is why we, at Mokoduo Attorneys, provide complete legal assistance with public liability claims. Such claims are made in cases when a person incurs damage due to the fault or negligence of another party while the person is in a public place or private property, which he/she has been invited to.

Public liability claims

Some of the most common examples of public liability cases include slips and falls, dog bites and attacks, playground injuries, assaults and road accident claims. In order for a claim to be successful, the plaintiff has to prove that the owner or occupier of the premises is responsible for the accident.

This is complex and requires professional work. We will take up this task to ensure that you have a strong claim and that you will get properly compensated. We specialise in investigation, claim initiation and litigation. You can contact us for a free case evaluation.

Mokoduo Attorneys – Public Liability Claim

  • Claim Type Public Liability Claims

Benefits of Mokoduo Attorneys

  • MOTOR Vehicle Accident Claims
  • PUBLIC Liability Claims
  • ROAD Accident Fund
  • RAIL
  • BOATING And Aviation Accidents
  • SPORTING Injuries Claims
  • PROFESSIONAL Negligence

Mokoduo Attorney - we have a high winning streak

Mokoduo Attorneys has turned out to be one of South Africa's most productive law offices through its steady and increasingly high winning streak and assisting innocent clients in getting pay-outs to aid any financial loss they may encounter due to their incidents.

We are here to accept your call and to give you guidance, guaranteeing that you find the solutions, and access to the help you require amid troublesome circumstances.

Let an experienced firm help you

We, as a whole, need somebody to ensure our interests are protected in the midst of tough times be it emotional or injury related. The world isn't generally a reasonable place and our customers should have somebody on their side when they need help, in a legal aspect.

We will take on any public liability claims, big or small, with uncompromising diligence and we are here to deliver the justice that our clients rightfully deserve and expect from an experienced law firm.

Our lawyers share an energy in the act of law and are committed to being accessible to our customers consistently. By working intimately with our customers and by doing so with a passion for what they do, we are the law firm you can trust and depend on for your product liability claims and more. We take incredible pride in our ability to handle public liability cases for our clients.

We have a number of cases with big names behind them, where our legal support has delivered the justice deserved. Public liability cases can be quite complicated, depending on the manner of the incident, and whether or not the public or business area where the injury happened, have insurance for this kind of incident.

We will do a thorough investigation of the facts of the incident, and ensure that we have a strong case for our clients be it a head injury claim or a slip and fall claim, will make sure we have all the facts in the account.

Call us today, and let us put a case together on your behalf.

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