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Yav & Associates - Effective legal solutions

Our law firm, Yav & Associates, has a long-term presence in the industry and has earned an excellent reputation not only in South Africa but throughout the whole continent.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses receive justice and reach their goals by assisting them to apply for compensation. We offer legal, fiduciary and corporate services. We specialise in various fields of law from business law and intellectual property law to labour law and family law.

We build long-term partnerships with our clients

Our team consists of experienced attorneys and specialists in many other fields including accounting and finance and management. Our combined expertise and the modern resources which we use enable us to deliver fully comprehensive services of the highest quality.

We have the most effective solutions for assault claims. Our achievements are recognised not only by our clients but by professional associations, independent organisations and the media. We won DealMakers award in 2013 and Corporate INTL global award in 2012.

Compensation for injuries and suffering

No person is every fully protected from assault. Unfortunately, members of the public can be assaulted not only by private persons but by the police as well.

Regardless of who has used violence against you, you have the right to seek personal injury compensation for your bodily injury and related suffering. We, at Yav & Associates, will help you with this.

We can initiate and litigate assault claims

We use our knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough investigation and to build a strong case based on solid evidence, witness testimony and expert testimony.

We work with a network of specialists in fields related to our cases to ensure that we are best prepared for negotiation and litigation.

We devise winning strategies which we implement with creativity and skill.

Our experience is one of our major advantages. We know how to handle assault claims of all sizes and levels of difficulty.

Yav & Associates – Assault Claim

  • Claim Type Assault Claims

Benefits of Yav & Associates

  • ANIMAL Bites
  • AVIATION Accidents
  • BIRTH Injury
  • BOATING Accident
  • BRAIN Injury
  • CRIMINAL Defense
  • CRUISE Ship Accidents
  • INDUSTRIAL Injuries
  • MEDICAL Malpractice
  • MOTOR Vehicle Accidents
  • MOTORCYCLE Accident
  • PERSONAL Injury
  • PRODUCT Liability
  • SLIP & Fall

Yav and associates - The assault claim experts

If the need arises, we will organise the necessary requirements for proceeding with a trial, as well as contacting the defendant and their legal team.

Yav and associates will advise you on your assault claim before proceeding with legal action, and only then will the case be launched.

The firm prides itself on providing honest and thorough legal representation and will guide you through the entire process.

We will always keep you informed

When the case has ended, a ruling is made and your lawyer will propose a compensatory figure that they deem adequate which serves as your compensation for criminal injury or assault.

However often lawyers seek excessive amounts in an attempt to gain a higher fee, often at the risk of the case, but Yav and associates do not seek unlikely sums and guarantee their continuous transparency and honesty.

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