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Fawzia Khan & Associates - the best solutions for legal matters

The Law Desk of Fawzia Khan & Associates has been providing professional legal services to individuals and organisations in South Africa for over 25 years.

Our team consists of dedicated and determined lawyers who work with great passion to ensure that our clients get justice. We have expanded the scope of the legal services to meet the needs of our clients. We specialise in personal injury law, family law, commercial law and property law.

Extensive legal knowledge

We strive to offer the best legal solutions to all sorts of legal matters. Our strategies are based on extensive legal knowledge and a set of diverse professional skills that we have accumulated over the years.

We combine tradition, innovation and hard work to achieve the most positive outcome in every case. We provide personal attention to each and every client, helping you feel confident about your personal, head or brain injury claim. We are fully committed to the cases which we engage in regardless of their size and complexity.

Legal advice and representation

We provide legal advice and representation to South Africans who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another party.

At Fawzia Khan & Associates, we can assist the victims of various accidents to obtain the compensation to cover medical expenses and the loss of income. We have a dedicated professional approach to claims including brain injury claims and head trauma.

Strategies based on circumstance

We work in a determined manner to build a strong case for you. We always base our strategies on the circumstances and evidence. We typically base our strategy on negotiation to reach a fair settlement for our clients.

If this method is exhausted without reaching a personal injury claim, we will move on to litigation and represent you in court.

We use our knowledge and skills to achieve the best outcome for each and every one of our clients. We can provide legal representation for clients in all courts of South Africa.

Fawzia Khan & Associates – Brain Injury Claim

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Fawzia Khan & Associates - We can help you get the compensation you deserve

Fawzia Khan and his expert team have been assisting clients for over 25 years and offer professional legal services to organisations and individuals. Our team of lawyers are dedicated and determined to meet your needs and get you the head injury claim that you deserve.

We offer legal solutions for all types of problems through our extensive legal knowledge and diverse professional skills. We will treat you with respect and personal attention and make sure that you are kept informed every step of the way.

Claiming for a head injury or brain damage

Trauma to the head, scalp or brain is what is known as a head injury. A head injury can be caused by many different factors this could be the result of falling, being in a road or motorbike accident or through a violent assault or by tripping and falling. In some cases, a child could suffer neglect or medical malpractice at a hospital or a head injury could result from abuse if a child is shaken or struck.

How to claim if you have experienced a head injury

Once you have received medical attention, contact us to see if you are entitled to make a brain injury claim and how to go about the claim process. Head injuries can become very expensive especially when the injury is very severe. Your family could suffer even more if you were the provider and now you have lost your income.

You need to focus on your recovery and not worry about how you are going to pay for your medical expenses or feed your family.

An assault that results in a head injury

There are many different injuries that can result from a violent assault including head injury and brain damage. It is important that you seek medical attention immediately and that you keep a clear record of all injuries sustained from the assault.

In order to make a claim, you will need to notify the police of the assault and obtain a case number. If the police decide to open a criminal investigation into the assault it will be easier to pursue a civil claim. You can sue the individual for the cost of medical expenses and the compensation for loss of earnings.

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