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Brandmullers - A long history of excellence

Brandmullers Attorneys is a legal firm with a long history of experience in litigation, personal injury and commercial law.

Brandmullers Attorneys started in 1994 with the sole vision to offer legal services in personal injury and criminal injury claims of the highest quality which exceeds the expectations of our clients.

20 years experience

We strive to serve justice and cherish the interests of our clients. We do this with full dedication and commitment.

With over 20 years of experience practising in the industry, Bradmullers have earned an impeccable reputation amongst our clients and have built an excellent track record.

With time we have gained diverse experience in handling assault claims of various difficulty and sizes.

Effective legal solutions

We work with the utmost care on every case to provide effective solutions utilizing new strategies and techniques. The firm draws on the strength of expert lawyers and medical specialists thereby ensuring our clients receive the best support.

In the event that you or a loved one suffers due to a physical or mental injury as a blameless victim of a violent crime, you can use our services to obtain the criminal injury compensation which you rightfully deserve.

We will build a solid case

We are fully equipped to achieve the best possible outcome for every person who uses our services.

Our work on compensation claims is all-encompassing. We begin with assessing the merit of your claim.

Then we gather all the necessary evidence and testimonies to build a solid case. Our attorneys will then institute the claim and use negotiation and litigation if required to achieve a just compensation.

Brandmullers – Criminal Injury Claim

  • Claim Type Criminal Injury Claims

Benefits of Brandmullers

  • CRIMINAL Injury Claims

Brandmullers Attorneys - The best legal team

The trauma and emotional stress caused to our clients is the fight in court, and we will put our best foot forward to ensure our clients always get what they deserve in respect of personal injury compensation.

Although most of these cases can be challenging, we will stand firm to ensure no matter how long and drawn out the process may be, we will provide the best legal team and case in court on your behalf.

Contact us today

If you know you have a case, or perhaps think you might have one, contact us today. We will be able to establish through your story and the provided supporting evidence you give us, whether or not you have something for us to work with.

We will consult with you and do a full analysis of the incident, and from there, work to put everything together, to form the best possible outcome for the criminal injury claim on your behalf.

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