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Maponya Incorporated - quality legal assistance

Maponya Incorporated is a leading South African law firm with local and international recognition. At the beginning of the century, it was recognised as one of the top commercial law firms in the country by the London Chambers Global Guide for the World Leading Lawyers.

We have diverse experience in working on criminal injury claims and projects of different types. Over the years, we have established relationships with renowned international law firms.

Excellent professional skills

Our team is in a position to provide legal advice and assistance to private, commercial and public clients including financial institutions. Our service is based on technologically advanced mechanisms, a high level of expertise and specialisation, excellent professional skills and unparalleled track record.

All of the professionals on our team are carefully chosen to meet our high qualification and ethical criteria. We have excellent coordination between our team members and between our firm and our clients. We value our partnership with each client.

We deliver the best solutions

We provide legal services with high efficiency and at great speed. The timely action is in the core of the philosophy of our law firm, Maponya Incorporated.

Our team includes twenty lawyers and assistants who have long-term experience. We can help with the most complex of legal matters including criminal injury claims.

We are experts in case preparation and we have brilliant negotiators in our team. You can expect superb court representation in case of litigation.

24/7 legal service

One of the things which make us unique is our 24/7 litigation and advice service. We have a specialised standby team which includes directors, senior counsel, associates and candidate attorneys.

You simply need to contact us and we will take up your case to provide the most effective assistance on an urgent basis.

We will use our expertise to deliver the best solution within the shortest possible period of time for your personal injury claim. You can rely completely on our efficiency.

Maponya Attorneys – Criminal Injury Claim

  • Claim Type Criminal Injury Claims

Benefits of Maponya Attorneys

  • PRODUCT Liability
  • PROFESSIONAL Negligence
  • PERSONAL Injury Law
  • THIRD Party Claims
  • MEDICAL Negligence

Maponya Attorneys - Legal services 24/7

To contact Bowman Gilfillan, you can either do so via email or telephone. With offices in most provinces of South Africa, as well as offices as far as Nairobi, Kenya, you should be able to consult with a Bowman Gilfillan attorney easily.

It is always advisable to communicate with your lawyer personally, as there is no room for error in these cases. Bowman Gilfillan will provide attorneys who understand the stress of laying a claim, and will only ever treat you with dignity and honesty. However, as soft as your attorney may appear, do not doubt their efficacy.

We will guide you through the process

Maponya attorneys will present an unfaltering, intelligent argument, relying on logical and rational explanations and observations. If the defendant wants to settle the matter out of court, Bowman Gilfillan will do the criminal injury compensation calculations and required monetary payment.

Meeting face to face with the defendant and her legal team can be terrifying, but may be necessary. Maponya attorneys will guide you through this process and ensure it is smooth and amicable, while still presenting your case vigorously

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