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Mokoduo Attorneys - innovative and forward thinking law solutions

Over the years Mokoduo Attorneys have become a highly respected law firm in Johannesburg. We have years of experience and expertise.

The founding directors Kagiso Mokoduo and Ryan Erasmus have built a reputation for excellent client service and a highly successful claim rate relating to Litigation, TBI head injury claims, property and local government.

Personal injury claims

Each legal case is unique and has its own processes, especially in the case of personal injury, whether caused by accident or negligence by a third party.

Mokoduo Attorneys draw from a wide range of experience to offer you the best service possible, with a free consultation, and no obligation to pay if your head injury claim does not succeed.

We have the most experienced lawyers

Mokoduo Attorneys offer expert advice and legal representation, relating to personal injury and litigation.

We have won many high profile cases, and continue to represent South Africans with a dedicated professional service.

A service with many benefits

They offer a wide variety of services including claims to the Road Accident Fund, Sporting Injuries, claims against the South African Police Service, Product Liability, TBI head injury claims, medical negligence claims and much more.

We embrace technology to a great extent and offer online services such as calculators for Bond Repayments, Capital Gains Tax, Vat and Transfer Duties and Estate Planning.

All services are free of charge until a successful head injury claim is made, thereafter only will you pay a fee.

Mokoduo Attorneys – Head Injury Claim

  • Claim Type Head Injury Claims

Benefits of Mokoduo Attorneys

  • MOTOR Vehicle Accident Claims
  • PUBLIC Liability Claims
  • HEAD Injury Claims
  • ROAD Accident Fund
  • BRAIN Injury Claims
  • BOATING And Aviation Accidents
  • SPORTING Injuries Claims
  • PROFESSIONAL Negligence
  • MEDICAL Negligence
  • CLAIM For Birth Defects

Mokoduo Attorneys - one of South Africa's most successful law firms

Before contacting Mokoduo Attorney’s, or any other legal representative for that matter, you should first seek a second medical opinion. Thereafter you can contact Mokoduo through their website, their telephone numbers or even at their offices.

The right documentation is important

Make sure that you have all of the medical documentation we will need to build a strong case on your behalf. You will get expert legal advice and we will explain all the processes to you, if your case is suitable, a highly qualified Mokoduo attorney will represent your claim.

We have your best interest at heart

From here on out everything will be handled for you. Your head injury claim may be settled out of court, or in some situations, it will go into litigation. In the latter case, you will likely be required to testify, but you will be guided through the whole process so you don’t have to worry about that either!

Through the entire process, you can rest assured that Mokoduo will look out for your best interests first and foremost.

We will build a strong case

When putting your case together we take an in-depth analysis of how your injury was obtained, is your injury permanent or partial. Can this injury affect your long-term ability to work, what costs have been laid out for medical treatments, and have you had to undergo any psychiatric evaluation.

The consequences of such an injury may not always display immediately, and recurrence of tremors, seizures and brain damage can often show up at a later stage. These are all factors we need to take into account to ensure that we address your case in the best possible way.

We know we can take your case to the next level, and put substantial proof and outcome to the court on your behalf with the right information. This is key to the successful closing of our cases, most of the time.

We also need to take into account third-party inclusions, as well as prior injuries caused by the same acts. We do a lot of investigation and analysis before presenting your case, to make sure we have all the facts for a winning case.

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