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Andre Dreyer Attorneys - high-quality representation

A young but growing group of attorneys based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Andre Dreyer Attorneys is dedicated to providing high-quality representation in medical negligence cases.

Effective legal solutions

  • The firm consists of three attorneys, Andre Dreyer, Noela Dreyer and Mdu Khoza, all of whom are experts in medical negligence claims.
  • Andre Dreyer Attorneys provides specialist representations to clients while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for those looking to make a claim.
  • Giving personal attention to clients and their needs is a top priority as the individual cases are often unique.
  • Andre Dreyer Attorneys has always only employed applicants on the basis of ability, integrity and adherence to the firm's policies.
  • Andre Dreyer Attorneys is also level 4 BEE qualified with a procurement level of 100%.

Expert advice & personal service

Andre Dreyer & Attorneys offers legal representation for those suffering from medical negligence or malpractice, as well as personal injury claims related to medical negligence.

With expert advice and personal service, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will provide you with sound and honest representation.

Expert legal advice

Ensuring that each client receives personalised and individual attention is a key factor in ensuring a pleasing outcome in any claim. Andre Dreyer & Attorneys understand this and strive to meet the highest standard of customer service while maintaining a warm and comfortable approach.

Because of the trauma involved in pursuing a medical negligence claim or personal injury claim, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will do their best to secure the comfort of their client and advocate a relaxed but thorough claiming process. While maintaining the comfort of their clients is a top priority, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will not hesitate to 'get tough' when it comes to pursuing a case for a client, provided that the action is in the best interest of the client's dignity and case.

Andre Dreyer Attorneys – Medical Negligence Claim

  • Claim Type Medical Negligence Claims

Benefits of Andre Dreyer Attorneys

  • MEDICAL Negligence Claims
  • PROPERTY Transactions
  • PERSONAL Injury Claims
  • WILLS & Estates
  • FAMILY Law

Andre Dreyer & Attorneys - we build strong cases

The first step in launching any claim for compensation is to consult with another medical practitioner for a second opinion on your injuries. Provided that your injuries are serious enough, you should then contact your legal representative.

The sooner you make contact with your lawyer, the sooner the case can be launched, and in turn, the likelihood of success is improved. While the haste of any case is pertinent, you must not rush to any brash actions. Medical negligence claims are extremely complicated and rely on expert and scientific analysis. Andre Dreyer & Attorneys are more than capable of providing the necessary expertise and analysis.

We will do all of the hard work

Once you have launched a claim, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will gather all your medical records and evidence relating to the case, including interviewing witnesses and defendants. You will not be required to do any administration for proceedings, you are only required to provide any and all evidence relevant to your claim.

If the defendant is willing to enter into a 'settle out of court' agreement, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will handle the compensation calculations and requirements. Meeting with the defendant and their legal team can be a daunting task, but may be necessary, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will ensure that this process is smooth and amicable.

If the case is referred to a court, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will then send the necessary legal documents to the courts and defendant. They will present and argue your case in court as well as challenge the defendant. You may be required to give personal testimony, however, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will guide you through the process and prepare you mentally and emotionally for the testimony.

When the case is completed, and a ruling is made, your lawyer will propose a compensatory figure that she deems adequate. Andre Dreyer & Attorneys are aware of the prevalence of fraudulent claims, especially when seeking large sums, and so they will not seek unlikely sums in a bid to secure a higher fee. Instead, Andre Dreyer & Attorneys will assess your case and request a fair sum, never losing their integrity or loyalty to you and your case. At any point during or prior to launching a claim you require expert advice, don't hesitate to contact Andre Dreyer & Attorneys.

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