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Campbell - Easy accessible legal services

Campbell Attorneys is a firm dedicated to providing personal and accessible legal representation.

Representing clients across South Africa, Campbell Attorneys has years of experience in multiple fields of law offering specialised services, including medical negligence claims.

A quality legal service

Practising nobly, Cambell Attorneys take it as their duty to be honest and fair to clients, always acting consistently and at the best interest of the client. Since 2001, Cambell Attorneys has been providing South Africans with exemplary legal services.

Attorney Chetty has a degree in medico-law as well as an LLB, making her an expert in medical negligence and malpractice cases.

By providing premium legal support and guidance, Campbell Attorneys form long-lived relationships with their clients.

The firm is committed to providing clients with a high standard of service aimed at reaching the best possible settlements while maintaining respect for and the dignity of the client.

We will investigate your case

Cambell Attorneys offer specialised medical negligence and malpractice legal services.

The firm will investigate your claim and advise you on the best course of action. Not all medical negligence claims are viable as a legal pursuit, and it is highly recommended that you consult with a legal expert before launching your claim.

We will guide you through the process

Consultation with the defendant and their legal team is also necessary for any personal injury claim, and Cambell Attorneys will mediate all communications in an amicable but assertive manner.

The firm provides services to cover the entire process of the claim and will provide all the necessary paperwork and documents for court action. The firm has a network of medical professionals whom they will consult and if need be, examine your injuries personally.

While Cambell Attorneys is dedicated to building warm and comfortable relationships with their clients, they are effective attorneys with a wealth of experience and knowledge, making them an ideal choice for medical negligence and malpractice claims.

Campbell Attorneys – Medical Negligence Claim

  • Claim Type Medical Negligence Claims

Benefits of Campbell Attorneys

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  • FIREARMS Control Act
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  • MEDICAL Malpractice
  • RAF Injury

Cambell Attorneys - Here to help you

When you suspect medical negligence or malpractice, you should immediately contact a legal representative. While beginning any case as soon as possible is pertinent, you must not rush to any rash decisions.

Medical malpractice claims are extremely complicated and rely on expert and scientific analysis. However the sooner you can make contact with your lawyer, the sooner the case can be investigated and completed.

Get a second opinion

While consulting another medical practitioner for a second opinion is vital, ensure that you choose a practitioner that is endorsed by your lawyer and the Health Council of South Africa. Contacting Cambell Attorneys is possible via an enquiry form on their site which enables you to apply for compensation, or you can phone their Pretoria or Durban offices.

Meet us in person

It is always wise to meet with your legal representative in person, Cambell Attorneys will keep you updated on the progress of the case, as well as any possible changes. While maintaining a close eye on your case is important, you must trust your lawyer.

The complexity of medical negligence and malpractice claims means that the utmost care must be taken when proceeding with the case. Don't try to provide extra evidence you think is important, or embark on your own investigations, your lawyer is trained to handle these cases and will consider all the factors involved, and choose the relevant evidence whether it relates to a slip and fall case or a complex brain injury claim.

Cambell Attorneys will present an intelligent argument, relying on rational scientific explanations and observations. If the defendant settles the matter out of court, Cambell Attorneys provide the necessary financial services to calculate the compensation and required monetary payment.

Cambell Attorneys is well aware of fraudulent claims, usually when the claimant is seeking large sums of compensation. Cambell Attorneys will not seek extreme sums to gain a higher fee for their services. Instead, Cambell Attorneys will thoroughly assess your claim and request a fair sum in light of your injuries while never disregarding their integrity or loyalty to you and your case.

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