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Conflict Dynamics - a range of legal services

Conflict Dynamics is a well-known and respected law firm. Offering a range of services, Conflict Dynamics will provide expert legal services for those seeking compensation for medical negligence or malpractice.

We can help you make a successful claim

Committed to developing and enhancing conflict resolution services, Conflict Dynamics draws from over a decade of experience to provide legal services of the highest quality.

Conflict Dynamics are able to assist you in your medical negligence and malpractice claim as a mediator between parties, as well as an advisor to your case. While always maintaining a calm demeanour between the parties throughout the proceedings is Conflict Dynamics' primary goal, their services are rigorous and unwavering.

Conflict Dynamics is ready to assist you in your medical negligence and malpractice or personal injury claims, ensuring you receive exemplary service designed around your individual needs.

Trained legal professionals

Conflict Dynamic hosts a variety of accredited mediators specialising in medical malpractice and negligence claims.

When contacting Conflict Dynamics, you will be directed to a trained legal professional who will advise you further on your case. If you require legal representation, Conflict Dynamics is able to assist you in this regard, as well as introduce you to possible firms to approach.

An informative idea of how to proceed

Conflict Dynamics maintains that not all claims need to be settled through court, and often the best approach to securing compensation, is through a mediation process. Legal cases are costly exercises and may not result in adequate medical negligence compensation after legal fees have been deducted, and so you should always tread lightly when embarking with immediate legal action. Consulting with Conflict Dynamics will give you an informative idea of how best to proceed.

Often the defendant will look to avoid a court case and choose to settle, in this case, you may not need a lawyer, however having a legal expert to mediate the compensation is wise. Conflict Dynamics serve to provide clients with expert advice and services, always looking for the best outcome for the client. This includes considering the psychological and financial cost of initiating legal action.

Conflict Dynamics – Medical Negligence Claim

  • Claim Type Medical Negligence Claims

Benefits of Conflict Dynamics

  • MEDIATION Services
  • MEDICAL Negligence Claims

Conflict Dynamics offer clients legal services for claims against medical negligence

These services primarily entail conflict resolution services or services that aim to secure a desirable solution without the need for court proceedings.

Additionally, Conflict Dynamics offer training courses for conflict resolution and mediation. These courses aim to improve our society's dispute resolution processes through educative and practical learning.

These courses set out to address the following things:

  • Equip people who manage conflict and who resolve disputes with all the necessary skills and knowledge to do this effectively.
  • Provide high quality, cost-effective training which is focused on learner needs and the standards of the National Qualifications Framework.
  • Provide world-class conflict management and dispute resolution products and services.

The company operates from Bowman Gilfillan buildings and this means the appropriate professionals are on hand to advise if needed. Similarly, the company has a network of contacts who are able to assist in medical negligence and malpractice claims, all highly skilled individuals.

The complexity of medical negligence and malpractice claims as well as public liability claims and other more serious matters such as head injury matters means that the utmost care must be taken when proceeding with the case. Avoid embarking on your own investigations or communications, Conflict Dynamics provide highly trained mediators and professionals to handle these cases. The most desirable outcome for any claim against medical negligence or malpractice is an out of court settlement, obtained with as little aggression and complication as possible.

Conflict Dynamics specialises in providing exactly these results for their clients looking to make a claim. Part of Conflict Dynamics' practise is to coordinate the necessary communication with any witnesses and incorporate them in the mediation process.

When dealing with Conflict Dynamics, you have assured expert advice based on experiential evidence. Dedicated to providing clients with the tools to mediate and deal with future disputes, Conflict Dynamics will equip their clients with the ability to learn and grow during the process.

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  • 165 West Street, 6th Floor, Bowman Gilfillan Building, Sandton Johannesburg South Africa
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  • PO Box 782802, Sandton, 2146, South Africa

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