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Campbell Attorneys - Reliable legal solutions

Finding workable solutions for our clients is the core goal of Campbell Attorneys. We are a dedicated and dynamic law firm offering personal attention and effective problem-solving.

We have offices in Durban and Pretoria, but we are able to serve people from all over South Africa. We have specialisation in personal injury claims and this enables us to deliver expert and fully committed service to our clients.

Professional assistance

We have departments for personal injury claims and medical malpractice claims. We can provide professional assistance with all types of claims under these categories. We have substantial experience in litigation as well as in negotiation and out of court settlement.

We provide complete litigation advice and services. We place special emphasis on contingency litigation. Our team is capable of handling even the most complex cases requiring the expertise of professionals from different fields. We work in close cooperation with medical professionals and other specialists to achieve top results for clients who apply for compensation.

A wide variety of services

As specialists in personal injury claims, we, at Campbell Attorneys, offer complete legal services to accident victims and their families. We handle a wide variety of claims from a road accident to medical malpractice ones.

We are able to assist individuals who have slipped, fallen and got injured and those who have been bitten by a dog. We have a team of experienced lawyers who use advanced strategies for negotiation and litigation. We work with a network of medical and other specialists to ensure that your medical negligence claim or personal injury claim is successful.

Our strategies are completely reliable and effective

You are welcome to make an appointment at which we can discuss your case. We will run an investigation to ensure that you have legal grounds for making a claim.

Once we take your case, we will prepare and initiate a claim and work towards earning the maximum possible personal injury compensation for you. Accident victims can get compensated for medical bills, lost income and their suffering.

Campbell Attorneys – Personal Injury Claim

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Benefits of Campbell Attorneys

  • DOG Bite Claims
  • PERSONAL Injury Claims
  • ROAD Accident Fund Claims

Campbell Attorneys - A passion for helping you

Campbell Attorneys offer clients in South Africa legal services through a passionate and experienced team of attorneys, who really care about your wellbeing.

We know that life can hand you an unexplained and uncontrolled situation, where you may be involved in an incident that was not your fault. Whether you have sustained minor or major injuries from such an incident, we are here to cover your legal needs. We cover a broad spectrum of legal services including personal injury claims, medical malpractice claims and the private security industry.

Personal injury claims

Campbell Attorneys has a number of years in the legal industry, helping clients with personal injury cases, and in turn, claiming compensation for our clients that they well deserve. Some of the specialised areas we provide legal services for within personal injury cases include

RAF claim (Road Accident Fund claims), medical malpractice, train accident claims, dog bite claims, product liability claims, wrongful death and professional negligence claims. Our clients are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible, after their incident, and to include as much evidence pertaining to the injury as possible.

This can include photographs, medical and doctor reports, as well as a police report. These will all add to your case when putting everything together in order to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Innocent victims of any kind of personal injury case, deserve the legal expertise of a legal firm that puts their clients first. Your best interest and your livelihood are what we good at fighting for! We work on a no win no fee basis, to ensure our clients that they need not have to pay up any costs until we have won their case, that’s how confident we are about doing what’s best for our clients.

  • For personal injury cases you are eligible to claim for:
  • Pain and suffering caused by the brutal incident
  • Loss of income claims, for the time you have been unable to work because of your injuries
  • In some cases culpable homicide
  • And a list of other reasons that may have occurred or caused you long-term areas of concern.

Speak to us today, let us establish what we can build your case on, and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

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