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AIG - We can help you

AIG is an insurance provider with a long history and global presence. Currently, we have over 70 million clients around the world. We are represented in 130 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

We have a diverse selection of insurance products designed for individuals, families and businesses. Some of our main areas of speciality are property-casualty insurance and general insurance.

A licensed provider of financial services

AIG South Africa adheres strictly to the product and service standards set in the country. We offer South Africans a comprehensive set of insurance options designed to protect their wellbeing and wealth.

Our offerings include car insurance, travel insurance, family protection plans, hospital cash plans and motor accident plans. Each plan provides core and additional benefits to correspond to the needs to the individual customer fully. We have transparent terms and conditions which are easy to understand. Our company is financially stable and backs fully each issues plan or policy. We have a fast and hassle-free process for you to make a claim.

Fast and dependable legal services

The clients of AIG can expect fast, dependable and efficient claim processing.

Our team responsible for processing personal injury claims consists of experienced experts in different fields including law, medicine and finance.

We have reduced the time necessary for processing a claim to the possible minimum. We use our expertise to achieve the best outcome for our clients when they turn to us for assistance.

Our customer service is renowned for its high quality

We will provide complete support at every stage of the process to ensure that you feel at ease. You can turn to us every time when you have a question or want clarifications. We will be glad to assist you in the most effective way possible.

You can have complete confidence that your product liability claim will be processed without delay and that you will receive the compensation which you require timely. You can initiate the claims process by contacting us.

AIG – Product Liability Claim

  • Claim Type Product Liability Claims

Benefits of AIG

  • ACCIDENT & Health Claims
  • PERSONAL Lines Claims
  • PRODUCT Liability Claims
  • COMMERCIAL Lines Claims
  • EXPRESS Claims
  • TRAVEL Claims

AIG - Contact us, we can help you claim

There is a couple of documents you need to help us build a strong case and help you receive maximum product liability compensation.

Product liability cases are complex and the more evidence you have to support your case the easier it will be for us to move your claim forward.

This documentation may include:

  • Medical report describing your injuries from being burned, how long you won’t be able to work for and you prognosis and future treatment.
  • Financial records for medical costs incurred due to the burns
  • A psychological report evaluating the trauma you are going through as a result of the severe burns on your face
  • A report from an electrician/expert on the type of kettle that malfunctioned, stating what went wrong, whether it could have been prevented and whether anyone was negligent.

You can claim against product liability if you have encountered defective or damaged products or has been injured by them. You can also institute personal injury and public liability claims depending on the circumstances.

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