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Brown, Braude & Vlok inc - Superior legal advice

Brown, Braude and Vlok Inc. (BBV) is a Port Elizabeth based law firm that was established in 1948.

BBV upholds the values of integrity, honesty and respect, and its principal goals are to provide premium legal advice and services and building lasting relationships with its clients.

A wide range of legal solutions

BBV has a wide range of legal specialists and support staff in order to provide services tailored to the client’s needs. The combination of experience and diversity in the firm facilitates the development of innovative legal solutions.

From the beginning, right to the end, BBV keeps its clients updated with the progress of their road accident fund claim, simultaneously providing guidance and support in order to come to the best legal conclusion for the client.

With the necessary experience in medical negligence claims, BBV has become one of South Africa's leading law firms.

We always aim for a positive outcome

Due to the complexity of road accident claims, clients often find themselves confused and unsure of how the claims process works.

The firm specialises in medical negligence and malpractice claims as well as road accident fund claims and understands the needs for an intimate relationship with their client, always striving to ensure a desirable outcome for the claim.

You are entitled to claim

Often cases require a specialist medical opinion, especially relating to the defendants' injuries.

If it can be proven that you sustained injuries, due to the negligence of a medical practitioner, you are entitled to lay a claim against the practitioner. When making a claim of medical negligence or malpractice, you will need the advice and testimony of experts in the fields of medicine and law, Brown, Braude & Vlok can provide the necessary professionals for testifying in your case.

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Benefits of Brown, Braude & Vlok Attorneys

  • ROAD Accident Fund Claims
  • CIVIL Litigation
  • ESTATE Planning
  • CONVEYANCING & Property
  • PERSONAL Injury Law
  • FAMILY Law
  • LABOUR Law
  • INSOLVENCY & Liquidations
  • Insurance

Brown, Braude & Vlok inc - Expert legal protection

When you have suffered an injury as a result of the negligence or malpractice by a medical professional, the initial shock often overrides all other faculties of your mind.

Initially your primary goal is to heal any injuries incurred, however, it is not always as easy as that. Road Accident Fund claims can be complicated and technical and the compensatory packages are only paid out after the case is finalised.

We will investigate your case

This means that if you are unable to pay for the medical treatment required to heal the injuries arising out of negligence, you will be unable to receive the necessary treatment until you have launched and concluded a claim.

For this reason that you must contact your legal team as soon as possible in order to avoid any lapse in evidence or unwanted delays in compensation. When contacting Gert Nel Inc. you will be directed to the medical negligence department who will assess your case and advise you on your best legal course of action.

When investigating your case, the firm will establish only the facts and relevant witness testimony, avoiding any possible corruption of the evidence. After consulting with the necessary medical experts, we will advise you on what to expect, what could be offered as compensation and how the claim will take to pay out. The beginning of your accident or personal injury claim must be confirmed by another medical professional.

The circumstances surrounding the reasons for a second opinion are considered by the medical practitioner and they may decide that the injuries are the result of negligence or malpractice. It is vital that you consult with experts in medico-law who can accurately assess all evidence involved. Brown, Braude and Vlok Inc. serve their clients with legal services of the highest quality and work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

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