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DCS Attorneys - A firm with a proven track record

DSC Attorneys is a committed personal injury law firm based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We fight to right the wrongs on behalf of our clients. The firm has a proven track record and is fully committed to ensuring justice for all clients when they apply for compensation for any personal injury.

Let a qualified Attorney help you

We will advise you regarding your potential Road Accident Fund claim and work on a no win no fee contingency which means we don’t charge if you don’t win.

Our attorneys are highly qualified in personal injury law and have widespread experience in handling these claims across South Africa. DSC Attorneys offers clients a free initial consultation and promise to only charge you if we win the case.

We will guide you

DSC Attorneys will guide you through the legalities of claiming, providing you with high quality legal and medical expertise along with efficient and professional service.

The firm aids to provide you, the prospective client, with the compassion, respect and dignity you deserve. In order to help you determine whether your motor vehicle accident claim is valid, they offer a free first consultation.

Expert advice

We aim to provide sound legal advice to all people of South Africa. Our attorneys are highly qualified and have extensive experience in personal injury claims. At the same time, our clients have direct access to our widespread panel of top medico-legal specialists and advocates.

We will assist you every step of the way and advise on whether or not to accept an early settlement if one is offered or will litigate your road accident fund claim to a final conclusion, if necessary. Once a fair settlement is reached or judgement has been obtained in your favour, we will recover the full extent of the damages due to you.

DSC Attorneys – RAF Claim

  • Claim Type RAF Claims

Benefits of DSC Attorneys

  • SLIP & Trip
  • ROAD Accident
  • AVIATION Accidents
  • DOG Bites
  • LIFT
  • GATE & Door Malfunction
  • MEDICAL Malpractice
  • TRAIN Accident Claims
  • POLICE Assaults
  • PRODUCT Liability
  • WRONGFUL Arrest

DSC Attorneys - Get rightful compensation

Anyone who has been injured while using South Africa’s roads is eligible to claim from the RAF.

Initiating your claim for compensation will require the assistance of a lawyer with experience in claiming form the RAF, DSC Attorneys offers clients a free first consultation to discuss their claim and how it should be managed.

Claim for loss of income

  • The third party claim should comprise evidence of your injuries which resulted from the road accident in which you were involved (medical report), proof of medical expenses and any financial losses suffered.
  • A description of how the accident took place and photographic evidence of damages incurred will also be required.
  • The evidence then needs to be brought together to form your statutory road accident claim, which will then be submitted to the RAF for compensation.

Using a lawyer guarantees that your claim will contain all the right documents and will be processed correctly and efficiently.

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  • Touchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre Cape Town 8000 South Africa
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  • P.O. Box 1456, CAPETOWN, 8000, South Africa

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